What the Warriors are saying after Steph Curry’s ‘stunning’ performance leads Dubs to Game 4 win

With their backs firmly against the wall, the Warriors needed their hobbled superstar to carry them to a victory.

And boy, did Stephen Curry ever deliver.

Curry scored 43 points — and grabbed 10 rebounds, too — to help the Warriors come from behind to take Game 4 of the NBA Finals from the Boston Celtics, 107-97, and even the series at two games apiece.

The win gives the Warriors another road victory in a postseason series, something they have done in each and every playoff series that Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have ever played in. It also means that the trio has won two games in every playoff series they’ve ever played in, too.

And while Thompson hit some vital 3-pointers in the fourth quarter and both Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins gave vital performances, June 10, 2022 is set up to forever be remembered as The Steph Curry Game.

Here’s what the Warriors are saying after the game:


On Curry’s performance:

Just stunning. The physicality out there is, you know, pretty dramatic. I mean, Boston’s got obviously, best defense in the league. Huge and powerful at every position, and for Steph to take that — that kind of pressure all game long and still be able to defend at the other end when they are coming at him shows you, I think this is the strongest physically he’s ever been in his career, and it’s allowing him to do what he’s doing.

On the emotion Curry showed on the night:

Well, everybody was emotional tonight. Down 2-1, we had to come out with some desperation and more physicality than we showed in Game 3. So it was a team-wide sense of aggression and emotion. That started right from the opening tip. Steph obviously doesn’t normally show a lot of emotion, but a night like tonight warranted it.

On pulling Draymond in the middle of the fourth:

Yeah, we took him out and put Loon in around maybe the eight-minute mark maybe, 7:40, which was our plan, anyway. But Loon was playing so well and Jordan Poole was playing so well, so we just stayed with the group.

We generally do that. Like most coaches, if you’ve got a group that’s going well, you just stay with it. The last few minutes we just went to kind of an offense-defense pattern with Draymond and Jordan alternating.

On sitting Curry to start the fourth:

He was not happy. I felt pretty good about where we were. The other night he played the whole fourth, and I didn’t love the way that quarter went, not because of how he played, but I think we were in a pretty good spot.

You know, to buy him a few minutes in that fourth quarter to start, I think to me was important. But you never know how it all plays out. You just kind of go with your gut.

On the 26th consecutive playoff series with a road win:

Well, you have a group of guys who are going to be in the Hall of Fame someday: Steph, Klay, Draymond. These guys are the constant. They have been here together throughout that span. So they are not only gifted but they are incredibly competitive, and that’s what it takes to win on the road. You have to summon that kind of will and intensity and passion, and those guys have that.


On Curry showing emotion:

I think I have seen him show that much emotion, and the heart on that man is incredible. You know, the things he does we kind of take for granted from time to time, but to go out there and put us on his back, I mean, we got to help him out on Monday. Wow, just showed why he is — shocking he wasn’t a First Team All-NBA guy, but whatever, next year.

On his fourth quarter 3-pointers:

You know, I got some great looks all night, and come playoff time, especially in the Finals, it’s hard to get good looks. Teams going to blanket us. So when you get that little, you know, space, you’ve got to let it fly. Been in this league too long to ever doubt myself, especially in the highest pressurized moments. You’ve just got to let that thing go and trust your word, trust your touch, and luckily I made them when they counted. Still thinking about that one I missed on the left wing, great pass from Andrew, but luckily I have Draymond who made an incredible rebound, and I’ll make it on Monday.

On where Curry’s game ranks on his resume:

I think probably No. 1. I mean, this was nearly a must-win game, and to go out there and shoot as efficiently as he did, and grab 10 rebounds and they were attacking him on defense; I mean, his conditioning is second-to-none in this league. Steph played incredible.

On what is needed to be bottled up from this night:

Well, we have re-established home court again. We can’t look ahead. We’ve got to play with that same force in the fourth quarter that we did, bring that Monday. And it’s going to be rocking there in Chase Center. I can’t wait to see our fans. I know they are excited. I know it was rocking in there tonight. So we can’t look ahead. Just be present and embrace your off-day, but then get some good work Sunday. And then when Monday comes, just live in the moment, because you don’t do yourself any good if you’re looking ahead to Game 6 or 7 or a championship. You’ve just got to embrace these moments. It’s special to be one of the last two teams playing, and I know we’re all going to bring it Monday. We’re so excited. This was a special night for Dub Nation.


On confidence veterans have shown in him:

Feels amazing, being able just to have the players, the staff, allow me to go out there and play my game and trust that I’m going to put my teammates in the best position and the best position for us to win. But credit to them, too, just because I’m asking so many questions and they are giving me answers and it’s translating. So I’m thankful to be in a position with these guys and learn as much as I can.

On Curry’s performance:

It’s huge. We wouldn’t have won without him. And I don’t know if you can even say besides 43 and 10 because 43 and 10 is crazy, especially in the NBA Finals. He’s our leader, and that’s what he does. Huge game. Huge game by him. And we needed that.

On the offense-defense substitutions with Green:

It was late in the game, last three minutes I think. So being prepared. Staying ready. Good decision by the coaches. You know, we trust the decisions that they make, so being able to have the talent to do the offense-defense thing and for it to work was huge for us.

On getting Curry more help:

I’ve been thinking that every time I step out on the court just because he’s a spectacular player and he does amazing stuff all the time. So especially how dominant Klay, Wiggs, and being able to just throw myself in there to try to give him help by still being aggressive, but also still playing off him is something I think make it special. All three of us, aside from Klay being aggressive, I think we are a pretty hard team to stop. When we are able to make shots, that makes it easier for him to get it going and continue to keep going because we’re just a threat off the ball as well.

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