What is 49ers’ Trey Lance saying about season-opening start at Bears?

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SANTA CLARA — Trey Lance’s first season-opening start comes this Sunday at Chicago, and here is what’s on the mind of the 49ers’ quarterback, who spoke to the media before Wednesday’s practice:

When you look at the Bears defense, what do you see?

“Real sound. They all play together. Play very hard. A real talented deefense and just looking at the depth chart, some names pop up that have been playing at a high level a long time. And there’s young guys, especially in the secondary, who are talented players.”

On how it compares to 2021 preparations for the Bears?

“It’s an entire new coaching staff, so it’s for sure different. I watched a lot of Indy tape from last year (Bears coach Matt Eberflus was the Colts’ defensive coordinator). Still a lot of similar players in terms of the athletic and talent standpoint.”

On asking ex-Colts safety George Odum about Ebeflus’ scheme?

“A little bit. Obviously we don’t know what to expect. We got a sneak peak in the preseason. It was fun watching G.O. play a little bit in that (Colts) defense.”

How it feels to enter Week 1 as the starter?

“I’m excited. It’s real similar to the weeks I started last year in a preparation standpoint. Great to have those guys in the room, great to have Jimmy in there to bounce ideas off of. It’s been awesome.”

On how it feels to prepare for a specific team instead of practice?

“Yeah, a breath of fresh air. I’m excited to game plan for somebody and not just go off camp scripts against our defense. We put plays in for certain situations. It’s been an awesome experience. It’s definitely refreshing.”

On playing a full-time role again?

“Just getting into my routine, it’s been awesome this week and a little last week, to nail that down the past week. It’s our first Wednesday so it’s a day. It’s been awesome how I want my routine and my days to look. It’s different for sure. Just definitely a breath of fresh air, watch somebody else’s tape and learn new things.”

On running instincts vs. practicing it?

“It’s more of a situational thing. You know, on third-and-5, if I can move the chains, I’ll try. At the same time, I don’t want to leave any big explosives out there throwing the ball if those opportunities present themselves.”

On breaking down huddles?

“It’s pretty organic who breaks it down before the games and in the locker room. It’s an in-the-moment thing.”

On sliding techniques?

“I’ve watched a ton of tape. Just more of situations. Compression tackles. When to get out of bounds, when to get down. Running the ball as a quarterback, it’s about protecting myself, for sure.”

On Steve Young’s help?

“We haven’t talked at all since the beginning of camp. I know he’s busy with his own thing but I know he’s definitely a guy I can reach out to.”

On when he got his first look at the Bears?

“We’re a day at a time, on normal game-week schedule. We didn’t have like the whole game plan last week. I’ll get more today, more tomorrow. It’s a building process.”

On weather and possible rain, and the worst situation he’s endured?

“The Colts game (last year) was probably the most rain I’ve been a part of or been to at a game with that much rain. Minnesota (his native state) was a lot more snow than rain, for sure. I haven’t played a ton of rain games. North Dakota State, played in the dome, but a lot of practices in poor or cold weather. But we should be alright.”

On butterflies?

“I try to stay pretty calm, not too up and down before games. Not butterflies. I calm myself down with deep gbreaths. Once football starts, it’s about playing the game.

On the line?

“The way they’ve come to work every day, especially spencer banks and J-Mo back, all have done a great job. Mixing and matching, those guys help each other out. I hear them communicating all the time.”

On if he’s disappointed not being one of the six captains?

“Nah, obviously that’s a goal of mine. You can’t look at any six of those guys and say, ‘That guy’s a bozo.’ All have played at a high level. I voted for each one of them and they all deserve it. It’s definitely a goal of mine moving forward. But those guys have proved it and that’s what this league is all about.”

On if Shanahan told him he placed seventh in voting?

“No. Thanks, I guess.”

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