Warriors’ warmups for NBA Finals Game 3 paused because Boston hoop is too tall

For Warriors players, whose entire job is to put a ball into a hoop that’s exactly 10 feet tall, even the smallest differences are, apparently, noticeable.

Before Wednesday’s Game 3 of the NBA Finals — the first in Boston — the Warriors had their pregame shooting routine interrupted to fix the basketball hoop, at the Warriors players’ request.

Why? They felt the hoop was taller than the standard 10 feet. And, it turns out, they were right.

Basketball arenas tend to have a stick that’s exactly 10 feet tall, which they can hang on a rim and see if it touches the floor. In this instance, there was a noticeable gap of air between the bottom of the stick and the famous parquet floor in Boston.

The pause only lasted a few minutes, as Golden State players were back on the floor doing their pregame shooting routines by 7:30 p.m. local time in Boston, but it still may have caused some disruptions to those routines.

Maybe it’s just an accident, or maybe it is some mind games. But it surely adds some annoyance — and maybe some anger? — to the Warriors players and coaches.

Contributed by local news sources

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