Warriors on controversial foul calls in loss to Spurs: ‘The two fouls at the end were bizarre’

SAN FRANCISCO — Favorable playoff seeding on the line, the Warriors can’t afford to lose winnable games.

In Sunday night’s 110-108 loss to the San Antonio, a few questionable calls from the officiating crew nudged the game out of the Warriors’ control.

In his first start since returning from injury, Draymond Green drew two technicals within an eight-second span and was ejected. Then Klay Thompson fouled Josh Richardson on a 3-point attempt that coach Steve Kerr challenged, only to have the call upheld and upgraded to a flagrant foul.

In the game’s final minute, Andrew Wiggins was fouled with three seconds left and broke a tie on his first free throw, then missed the second. Then Kevon Looney was called for a loose-ball foul on Jakob Poeltl, who missed his second free throw for Keldon Johnson to quickly score the game-winning basket.

Here’s what the Warriors had to say about how the game was officiated by Ed Malloy, Marat Kogut and Natalie Sago.

Steve Kerr

On the foul calls at the end: “I thought the two fouls at the end were bizarre, bizarre fouls. I was watching the play where Wiggs got fouled, I guess they called the play on Poeltl. Shocked by that one and I was shocked by the one on the rebound. I don’t know how those calls can be made. To call fouls in that situation, both of them, the one for us and one against us, I don’t understand how we can decide the game based on plays that have nothing to do with the game. Players are supposed to decide the game.”

On Green’s ejection: “It was unfortunate. Obviously we need Draymond desperately. I was surprised by that. He wasn’t swearing, getting personal. I guess Marat (Kogut) felt like Draymond didn’t stop complaining, but Draymond has never stopped complaining. With what he’s done in this league, Draymond knows how to walk the line. Once he gets that first one he understands what it takes to get that second one and he didn’t think he deserved it, but he can’t get kicked out of that game. He knows we were shorthanded.”

Jordan Poole

Asked if he understood why Draymond got ejected, Poole shook his head: “Nah. I didn’t.”

On how they played after his ejection: “We had to pick it up a little bit. He brings so much energy and leadership on the offensive end. We just needed to find a way to pick ourselves up when he went out.”

Nemanja Bjelica

On the officiating: “I mean, I don’t want to comment on anything because it is what it is. We didn’t lose the game because of that. We started the game very bad. We tried to find reasons to react to try to win especially when Draymond got ejected, but they’re also a good team, they’re young, they don’t have to lose anything. We just need to look for ourselves, we have a very tough road trip and try to prepare ourselves for the next three weeks when playoffs start.”

Otto Porter Jr.

On the foul calls in the final minute: “Eh, just unfortunate to be on that side of the ball.”

On what happened from his perspective on the last play: “I have no idea. I think two of our guys had it, kind of bumped each other and it fell right into their hands and then they were able to get a shot up at the end, and Keldon got the rebound and put it up quick. I didn’t want to foul him. Anything could have happened, just an unfortunate bounce that went their way.”

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