Warriors: Draymond Green says podcast isn’t distracting him, but ex-players disagree

BOSTON — Draymond Green took responsibility Wednesday night for his poor play in the Warriors’ Game 3 loss to Boston. But he pushed back strongly at suggestions that his podcast was tipping Golden State’s hand.

Asked after the game if he was concerned about revealing too much strategy in his recordings, Green replied: “I don’t see much difference on the podcast than I say to you right here, so nah.”

Andre Iguodala, known like Green for his basketball mind, has his own podcast, The Point Forward, hosted with his friend and Atlanta Hawks guard Evan Turner. But Iguodala doesn’t play nearly as big a role with the Warriors as Green, who said the reporter asking the question was “reaching for something.”

Voices around the league attest that while the Draymond Green Show isn’t revealing Xs and Os, it may be taking Green’s focus away from the series.

Green records and posts a podcast after every Warriors game, recapping the game and offering his insight into what went right and wrong. Wednesday night, Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas called out Green for indulging in what he sees as a distraction.

“He’s not talking about Jaylen Brown. He’s not talking about Tatum, he’s not talking about Marcus Smart,” Thomas said. “He’s talking about podcasts.”

Thomas, a two-time NBA champion with the Detroit Pistons, said the NBA Finals are about “mental toughness and mental focus,” adding that winning a title is about “totally, 100 percent concentrate on your opponent.” Thomas also cited the conversation around Green’s response to Celtics commentator Cedric Maxwell questioning his toughness.

“It shows up in the box score in a game like tonight where you play 34 minutes, you have four rebounds, three assists and two points,” Thomas said. “Draymond Green does that in a grade school game. Not in the NBA Finals. So when you talk about focus, this is what the NBA Finals is about and right now he has lost focus in terms of concentrating on beating the opponent.”

Thomas wasn’t the only media member to critique Green. Kendrick Perkins, who has had a contentious back-and-forth with Green in the past, said Green was “more prepared for his postgame podcast than the actual game.”

But Green has often said his podcast is no distraction from his day job. He’s often going further in depth on topics discussed in postgame press conferences.

Coach Steve Kerr said he does not listen to the podcast, but the former TNT commentator supports it.

“I don’t know what he’s said on there. It doesn’t — it doesn’t bother me,” Kerr said. “It’s 2022. It’s a different world. Players are a part of the media now and it’s been established. It is what it is.”

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