Steph Curry used haters’ posts for halftime motivation, former Warriors teammate says

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Everyone can see Stephen Curry loves to put on a show for NBA fans. Now, thanks to one of his former teammates, we’re finding out the Warriors star also loves to show up NBA fans.

Ex-Warriors center Andrew Bogut revealed that on the few occasions when Curry was struggling in the first half of games, he’d find his halftime motivation on his phone while perusing social media.

The more users were abusing Curry for his struggles, the better it turned out for the Warriors and their proud superstar.

“He’s one of the unique ones where he’ll check his mentions at halftime when he has a bad half. It’s kind of the craziest (stuff) I ever saw,” Bogut said on his “Rogues Bogues” podcast. “If he had a bad half, he would go on social media and then come out and drop 30.”

Of course, unlike most disrespected athletes, the two-time NBA MVP wouldn’t think of calling anyone out for doubting him.

“It was almost like the quiet assassin,” Bogut said. “He’d show emotion from time to time, but he’d do it kind of gracefully and silently.

“Just watching him doing it was awesome to watch.”

Bogut also said the trade sending him to the Warriors effectively unlocked Curry’s potential with Golden State — but not because the Warriors added a 7-foot defensive-minded center. Mostly because the Warriors got rid of Monta Ellis.

“(Steph) had been through a lot earlier in his career, a (horse bleep) Warriors team and organization at that point,” Bogut said. “Monta Ellis was the No. 1 guy when he was there. He was a very talented individual player, but from what I heard back then, Monta was somewhat the guy that if Monta scored 40 and they lost, he’d be happy. And if Monta scored 20 and they won, he wouldn’t be happy.

“I think that irked Steph a little bit, because Steph’s not like that. And once they removed Monta and gave Steph the keys to the team, you could definitely notice he was like ‘I’m not gonna (mess) this up. I’m gonna put the time in and effort that I need to.’ “

Apparently, even if that meant checking up on his haters at halftime.

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