Shaq, Dwyane Wade change their minds on Warriors’ Stephen Curry

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Three NBA titles couldn’t quite sway them. Stephen Curry’s unreal start to this season finally did.

Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade have seen enough of Curry lately to finally become big believers of the Warriors’ star.

O’Neal, long a skeptic of Curry’s long-range shooting game, went so far to say he now loves watching Golden State’s two-time MVP.

“I’ve never seen anything like Steph, and that’s why he’s my favorite player,” Shaq said on TNT after watching Curry’s magical 32-point effort in a 114-91 win over the Spurs Tuesday night.

Wade, appearing on the “Inside the NBA” set with O’Neal, is also now convinced there’s no one as special in the league as Curry.

“He’s playing at an MVP level, no question about it,” Wade said. “This guy, he’s my favorite player to watch play the game of basketball now. I’m jumping on the Shaq bandwagon. He’s my favorite player to watch.”

Curry, whose 29.6 points per game is second in the NBA behind Washington’s Bradley Beal, has been so good that Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he’s never seen him play better.

O’Neal, meanwhile, wasn’t ashamed to admit he was wrong to dislike the way Curry plays.

“When I first started watching him play, I used to hate it. I used to be at home like, ‘Oh, he’s not gonna make that,’ and he’d make it. Every time I’d say he wasn’t gonna make it, he made it,” O’Neal said. “And then when they started winning championships, me and Charles (Barkley), we’re old school. We’re like, ‘You’re not gonna win championships shooting 3s.’

“But when they shut us all up and kept winning rings, he definitely got my respect. But he’s still doing the same thing, and I’ve never seen a guy play like that.”

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