Seaside, United Way team up on Accessory Dwelling Unit Workshop

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SEASIDE — For those interested in starting an accessory dwelling unit project, the city of Seaside and United Way Monterey County will present a workshop providing an opportunity primarily for Seaside homeowners, but open to others, to learn how to navigate a project with the city.

“We’re recommending that Seaside residents primarily attend because it’s about working with city staff, but other county homeowners would benefit from this also,” said Katy Castagna, United Way Monterey County president and CEO.

Castagna explained that United Way Monterey County develops a number of partnerships with different entities such as this collaboration with the city of Seaside and hopes this workshop sparks other groups in other locations to do this kind of work.

“Seaside is a community where there is a lot of political will to move forward in this area,” said Castagna.

The free City of Seaside ADU Workshop will be a virtual event to be held online Feb. 4, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Participants can register now and will learn how to navigate their accessory dwelling unit project with the city of Seaside including permitting, using pre-approved plans, hiring design and building professionals, financing, and what resources are available to Seaside homeowners.

The city of Seaside is in the process of developing its Accessory Dwelling Unit Demonstration Project site, which will provide the public with a glimpse of what an ADU may look like and how it would feel to inhabit one.

The United Way of Monterey County has had its accessory dwelling unit initiative in process over the past couple of years to reduce barriers to homeowners who want to build accessory dwelling units and help to increase the housing stock in Monterey County.

“The city of Seaside has been very active in collaborating and in our advisory group,” said Castagna. “Along the way, we partnered with Seaside with promotion and community education and this is a next step in that process.”

The city of Seaside ADU Workshop will also feature a presentation by select speakers and a question and answer session to provide homeowners a forum to ask more specific questions about their projects.

Presenters include David Little from the Seaside building department, who will speak about the plan check process and applying for permitting; a representative from Workbench talking about using the free Seaside pre-approved plans, designing a site plan and hiring design professionals and contractors; Ben Nurse, city of Seaside Housing Program manager, on obtaining water credits and other Seaside resources; and Leinette Limtiaco, a Central Coast Federal Credit Union representative, on loan products to finance an accessory dwelling unit.

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