NBA: Refs didn’t blow any calls at end of Warriors-Lakers play-in game

If the Warriors or their fans are looking to assess any blame for Wednesday night’s play-in tournament loss on a couple of late calls or non-calls by officials, the NBA has a simple message: Look elsewhere.

There were no incorrect calls made at the end of the Warriors’ 103-100 loss to the Lakers, according to the Last Two Minute report the NBA released Thursday afternoon.

This means the league believes Draymond Green’s controversial offensive foul with the game tied and 1:54 remaining was the correct call. And, while some believe Kentavious Caldwell-Pope traveled before passing the ball back for LeBron James’ game-winning 3-pointer with less than a minute left, the league saw no such infraction. Finally, the league found no evidence the Lakers fouled Steph Curry while he tried to get free for a last-second, game-tying 3-point attempt.

Former Warriors coach and current ESPN analyst Mark Jackson took immediate issue with the foul on Green during the broadcast.

“That’s not an illegal screen to me. That’s Wes Matthews selling the foul,” Jackson said.

But, the league confirmed Tre Maddox’s call in its report, saying “Green establishes himself in a wide picking stance and extends his knee into Matthews’ path.”

The two minute report also detailed why the play leading to James’ game-winner — Caldwell-Pope’s pass from the lane out to James as the shot clock wound down — was legal.

“Caldwell-Pope gathers the ball with his right foot planted and legally takes two steps. He then maintains his pivot foot before making the pass,” the report read.

While trailing by 3 with 2.1 seconds left, the Warriors never got a shot to send the game into overtime. Kent Bazemore’s pass to Curry was deflected by Anthony Davis and stolen by Caldwell-Pope as the buzzer sounded.

What may have appeared to be another case of Curry being held as he tried to break free to get the ball was seen by the NBA as just Caldwell-Pope playing good defense. “Caldwell-Pope briefly engages then disengages with Curry during the inbounds play,” the league said.

The same innocuous action occurred when Davis switched on to Curry as the inbounds pass was being made, the league reported. “Davis and Curry engage in marginal contact as Curry attempts to receive the throw-in,” the report said.

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