Letters to the Editor: Sept. 4, 2022

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It’s all about the money

I, and likely a share of the golf community, am growing very tired of the ongoing publicized rift between the PGA Tour and the LIV Tour.

The LIV Tour espouses wanting to expose the world to the new Saudi Arabia, and advance the game of golf throughout the world. That would be a laudable activity if it actually happened.  The PGA Tour wants to maintain its solo position at the apex of the professional golf world, seeks to preserve the sanctity of the game, fails to recognize the LIV Tour, and, has lost a goodly number of its members to the lure of incredibly deep pockets of the Saudis.

To me, it seems that this is about ego, power and greed. Phil Mickelson, who has made more than an estimated $800 million in his career to date, has called the PGA Tour “greedy.” The LIV Tour has signed up Phil and other high-profile members of the PGA Tour for insane amounts of money. LIV is likely not going to bring the sport of golf much beyond its current level of saturation.  It is very unlikely to provide the world with a legitimate, believable vision of the new Saudi Arabia.  It is going to make the rich richer and distribute nominal amounts, if any, to the truly needy.  There are already lawsuits popping up which will make the big law firms more money, but likely not resolve anything.

This clash is way beyond a “first world problem” – it is a total greed and control problem.

The less attention it gets, the better.  Truly, how much money do these elite golfers need?

— Bob Cushing, Carmel

Good luck Carmel High

Thank you for reporting on the draft EIR for the Carmel High School stadium project. Though the superintendent may feel “confident“ in the project moving forward, it will likely suffer the same fate as the improvements planned for Dan Albert Stadium at Monterey High. MPUSD made similar concessions outlined in the article such as limiting the use of lights to only five nights a year past 8 p.m., prohibiting use of the lights by outside organizations and ensuring that the lights would be Dark Sky Certified. The district even went further and forbid the use of the lights on the weekends but none of that mattered. A group of neighbors still put their self interest in front of the needs of thousands of students and sued the district. I would like to think that Carmel neighbors will abide by the basic principle that the benefits to many outweigh the inconvenience of a few but I am not holding my breath. Look for a lawsuit on behalf of Carmel High neighbors who want to “preserve the peace” in the near future.

— Ethan Ritcher, Monterey

Say no to both

Props 26 and 27: anyone else’s “deja vu” meter going off? In 1984 Prop 37 promised money for schools, oh, and a bit for the lottery. Remember? It was going to be great! A game-changer for schools! But where does lottery money go? Only 20-24% of proceeds go to schools, just 1% of the annual school budget.  Schools are limited in how they can use the funds (for example the money can’t be used for salaries). Someone is profiting, but it’s not schools.

With old 37 and new 26 and 27, the real winners are large gambling and betting interests.  Again they sweeten the pot with a promise of money to a good cause (then, schools, now tribes and/or homelessness).  Each conveniently ignores the harm of gambling addiction. And we all lose if we think we can let someone else pay for problems that are everyone’s responsibility.

Proponents of 26 and 27 are pouring megamillions into ads; it’s better than even money they expect huge rewards if they win. For voters, it seems like we have to place our bet on one or the other, but we can (and should) say no to both.

— Helen Shamble, East Garrison

Charge Trump

Please quit blabbering and take action against the obvious criminal behavior threatening American democracy.

By deliberately behaving in a way that is unreasonable and unacceptable (in spite of the consequences), the twice impeached former POTUS  demonstrates his cold, manipulative, antisocial, and narcissistic personality. His history of shady conduct, deceitfulness, and neverending riddle of contradictions, defines his psychopathic essence.

Dishonesty is of no concern to a madman!

— Bob Hogue, Pacific Grove

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