Letters to the Editor: Sept. 12, 2021

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Tribute to local victim

This is a 9/11 tribute to Mark Bingham, former Pacific Grove Middle School sixth-grader and 9/11 hero.

Mark, along with Todd Beamer and two others, retook Flight 93 from the hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001, and crashed the plane near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, thwarting the highjackers’ plan to crash it into either the Capitol or White House.

Mark was a very popular sixth-grader at Pacific Grove Middle School in 1982-83.

— Jane Haines, Pacific Grove

Look at proposal through a different lens

As a parent, teacher, and resident of the Monte Vista neighborhood, I’m saddened about the ongoing resistance to the Dan Albert Stadium upgrade project at Monterey High School. The school district has heard and addressed many concerns around its environmental impact. I urge those who oppose the stadium lights and additional playing fields to do what I ask of my students and look at the proposal through another lens. After one of the most challenging teaching years of my career, the value of gathering as a community and providing healthy outdoor spaces is clear. Encouraging students, families, and community members to get involved and support one another in their pursuits has benefits that ripple way beyond the gates of Monterey High. The current facilities are lacking, and students deserve access to what other state-of-the-art schools around the country offer. What message are we sending to our community, and more importantly our youth, if we deny them access to spaces that will keep them engaged in healthy ways? These are demanding times. Let’s come together as a community and create something positive at Monterey HIgh School for the greater good.

— Deb Sandweiss, Monterey

Share the vaccine

What about booster shots (for 167 million fully-vaccinated adults) and shots for people who have already contracted COVID-19 (about 120 million adults)?   That is a total of 287 million adults who are already immune to COVID-19 that the federal government now wants to receive additional vaccinations.  That is also an interesting result because the United States population consists of only 284 million adults.  It implies that at least 3 million immune adults have received vaccinations they did not need.  Although the federal government does not seem to care, it should.

The world has countries where close to no adult citizen has been vaccinated, most of the 55 African countries among them.  Would not the right thing for us to do be to provide our surplus vaccinations to many of the smaller of those countries?

That would not be completely selfless or generous of us.  It would also be in our self-interest.  After all, most of the Greek alphabet soup of COVID-19 variants we hear about come from foreign countries:  alpha from China, beta from England, gamma from South Africa, and delta from India.  Sharing our surplus vaccinations with countries that lack them could save us from the throes of another spike of the pandemic due to a variant even more contagious and perhaps even more virulent than any variant we have suffered so far.

— Ron Weitzman, Carmel

Our country more endangered

Two weeks prior to 9/11, I had taken my daughter and two sons to the North Tower of the World Trade Center for a tour. Little did we know, it would be the last time we would ever stand in the World Trade Center again.

On 9/11 my high school freshmen son decided he would join the military to fight terrorism. He joined the U.S. Marines four years later and was deployed to Iraq twice, completing two tours in Fallujah and Ramadi.

I am greatly saddened that after all the deaths, injuries and sacrifices made on 9/11 and during the Middle Eastern wars, the Biden Administration has turned Afghanistan over to the Taliban and soon Isis will resurface as well. Biden has recklessly allowed Afghans to flee to the U.S. without proper vetting while leaving Americans behind to die.

He allows our southern border to spiral out of control continuing to be wide open, dangerously welcoming impending terrorist attacks on the U.S. Our country is in more danger now since the Commander in grief has arrived.

— Sharon Wood, Carmel

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