Letters to the Editor: Nov. 5, 2022

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Measure Q

Living in Monterey County is sheer joy for many of us.  But despite being a great place to live, work and visit, it is hard for many families to make ends meet here.  After housing, child care is typically the second largest household expenditure and it is a major challenge.  Parents need to work and children need the best start possible. But too many local workers do not have access to the safe, affordable, quality childcare needed to ensure their children, and therefore their families, thrive.

There are 36,000 children under age 5 in the county, but only 9,200 childcare slots and childcare costs average more than $10,000 a year! This makes childcare both hard to find and unaffordable for most families.

Research shows that 90% of a child’s brain develops before age 5, laying the foundation for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, only one in four children in Monterey County is ready for kindergarten because too many families lack access to quality early childhood education.

By expanding access, we can strengthen families and help ensure that every child has the skills needed to start school ready to succeed.  Please join me in Voting YES on Measure Q.   For more information go to www.Yes4MontereyCountyKids.org

— Mary L. Adams, Monterey County Board of Supervisors

Salinas council

The election in Salinas for Council District 5 is both close and pivotal for not only the present but the future.  Andrew Sandoval is the candidate who gets things done.  He has a long history of working for the community.

Andrew is a member of the Santa Rita Union School District board of trustees.  He knows District 5 and the issues well, what needs to get done and what needs to get done right now.

We’ve had promises for sidewalk repair for years with almost nothing done, especially by the incumbent.  We’ve had promises for street repair, and got shoddy work with no recourse.  It has been years since there has been a community meeting with our council member.  Andrew will focus on what hasn’t been done and work for us, not others.

The incumbent?  She is all talk, no action, and most of that talk seems to be on behalf of her employer.  She claims credit for the new recreation center, not yet built.  She claims to support police and fire but will do nothing beyond talk.

Andrew already does more than that for District 5 and when elected councilman he will be able to do even more.  Andrew Sandoval is the council member we need in District 5.

— Eric Petersen, Salinas

Sheriff oversight

Mary Adam’s idea to appoint a citizen oversight committee is a dangerous idea.
There is a good reason why the supervisors have limited authority when it comes to law enforcement.

Complaints should be directed to the attorney general‘s office.  Law enforcement decisions don’t need a citizen oversight committee of bureaucrats, especially one populated with people who are anti-law enforcement.

The mentality against law enforcement has caused police officers to take early retirement, and some to quit out of fear and frustration. Young people see how the police are disrespected and treated.  Consequently, they don’t want law enforcement as a career. Recruitment is at an all-time low.

The woke mindset puts the criminal first and not the unfortunate victim.  Crime is surging all across America.  People are scared and for good reason.

Law enforcement needs the public’s support.  There are always going to be a few bad apples but those are the exception. Our officers are honorable and brave.  Their job is to keep us safe.  They don’t need to be hamstrung by a “Citizen Oversight Committee.”

— Joan Peak, Carmel


The Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce  misrepresents the Cal Am desal plant as “the Monterey Peninsula Water Resource Project.” The general public who read the Herald’s letters to the editor are not likely to understand what the PG Chamber of Commerce is talking about because MPWSP, the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply (not Resource) Project, is Cal Am’s code for its desal. So when the PG Chamber of Commerce references “MPWSP” the general public is supposed to think the desal is perfectly reasonable and official. The PG Chamber of Commerce never mentions the other two legs of Cal Am’s “three-legged stool;” Pure Water Monterey and the Water Management District’s ASR program. What they also don’t mention is that the current estimated cost for Cal Am’s proposed desal is $426 million, which would raise everyone’s water bill.

— Shawn Folsom, Carmel Valley

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