Letters to the Editor: July 5, 2022

Lights on accountability

As a resident of the Monte Vista neighborhood, I share the environment with Monterey High School. Many of my neighbors are second and third-generation residents that attended MHS so support for the school is strong financially and in spirit.

This project is about more than Friday night lights and sound. Once the 2020 EIR was
approved, residents were able to see the real scope of the project and begin to ask questions.

One example of what that diligence uncovered is the access at Logan Lane and Martin Lane don’t work for emergency, construction vehicles or spectator parking. (As it stands, students often have to park on city streets, resulting in expensive tickets). Also, there were no ADA accommodations, or clear pedestrian/vehicle exit routes.

The Civic Center Act ensures that lighted activities, practices and events are not just “five nights a year,” but up to five nights a week from October to April.

Thank you to the people who speak up about how this project will impact the neighborhood. The time spent on plan improvements will produce a school property that accommodates MPUSD’s 21st-century goals to enhance the excellence of MHS, including the Monte Vista neighborhood.

— Julie Conrad, Monterey

SCOTUS ruling

Supreme Court justices who defend prayer on public school property by people in authority should be reminded of Matthew 6:6 where Jesus admonishes his listeners to pray in secret.  Their defense of the coach who prayed on school grounds is another example of their entangling church and state.  Mixing government and religion is a bad idea and the Founders nixed it in the Constitution for that reason.

— Joy Hall, Carmel


A recent letter to the editor concluding that Democrat Party leaders have become the greatest perpetrators of anti-democratic abuses brought to mind how the Party’s own behavior confirms the truth of the letter’s conclusion. The Democrats project their anti-democratic abuses by continuously accusing Republicans of damaging our democracy. Such projection is not only intended to divert attention from Democrat abuses, it follows the Leninist principle of telling a lie often enough to cause it to be perceived as the truth.

— George Brehmer, Carmel Valley

Homeless alternatives

In a recent article regarding the homeless grant for Salinas, I offer alternatives. I applaud the efforts of those seeking homeless solutions. However, the “$2.6 million” to develop housing for up to 35 people is only a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of homeless in our county. What we have been doing isn’t working on a broader scale.

I offer other solutions for the benefit of hundreds in the county instead of a few dozen in one area.

1) Invest in purchasing property and tiny homes for those who are amicable to change. Offer a stipend for onsite management. Provide trash/recycling dumpsters, portable toilets/sinks or build/maintain bathrooms such as those in rest areas or gyms. Have moderate/easy-to-follow rules for cleanliness. Residents could become responsible and healthy members of their community.

2) Purchase or lease fenced land to provide enhanced parking for those living in their vehicles (entering no later than 10 p.m. and exiting no later than 7 a.m.). Again, offering a management stipend, portable toilets/sinks, trash/recycling bins.

3) Build a dwelling to house many mentally ill adults, including those who refuse medications, allowing them to be safe at night and less disruptive to the community at large. This may require individual rooms for those who are paranoid.

It is beneficial to have long-term “solutions,” replacing long-term “expenses” with minimal progress. Teach the homeless, rather than assume they know to maintain their surroundings. Perhaps more donations/funding/grants would be offered for viable options that could actually produce results.

— Joyce Blevins, Monterey

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