Letters to the Editor: Jan. 29, 2021

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Public Water Now response to Sam Farr

Sam Farr’s proposal to dissolve the Marina Coast Water District is certainly not the answer to our water problems. The expansion of Pure Water Monterey is. It’s clear that Farr doesn’t understand our current situation.

Farr still opposes the public buyout of California American Water. Now he wants to see the Local Agency Formation Commission dissolve the Marina Coast Water District and combine it with the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District under Cal Am. This is ridiculous. Why would Marina ratepayers want to pay Cal Am prices for their water?

It’s ironic that Farr’s issue is the cost of Marina Coast water. If Marina Coast is as financially irresponsible as Farr claims, why is their water so much less expensive than Cal Am’s? Currently Marina pays about $60 for 7,500 gallons of water and the Ord Community pays about $90. But Cal Am (Monterey Peninsula Water Management District) customers pay almost $200.

Farr ignores the elephant in the room when talking about fiscal abuse. Why isn’t he calling out Cal Am for wasting our money on baseless lawsuits against the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District? Cal Am/Water District customers will end up paying the legal fees for both sides. But Cal Am’s litigious behavior doesn’t seem to bother Farr in the least.

So why is Farr suddenly attacking Marina Coast?

Marina Coast is not the problem. Frankly, the Monterey Peninsula owes it a huge debt of gratitude for blocking Cal Am from building an expensive and unnecessary desal plant. Marina Coast operates in the public interest, while Cal Am only considers the interests of American Water shareholders.

— Melodie Chrislock, Director of Public Water Now

Praise for article on Richard Rosen

I just wanted to say what a good article Lewis Leader wrote about Richard Rosen. I found it interesting and thoughtful. I, along, with Richard, was part of the Riverside” migrant attorneys” who came to Monterey County to practice law after having gotten started in Riverside. D. Michael Lawrence, Monterey County’s former public defender began the migration in the early 1970s, followed by me, Fred Herro, Michael Fields and Richard. I know I am leaving someone out here, but these are the ones who stand out in my mind.

Most of the guys went into the Public Defender’s Office, but I went into private practice. I think Lewis though captured the essence of Richard, as an attorney, husband, father and musician. Richard was the quintessential renaissance man. I had the great pleasure to get to know Richard. We tried several cases together; he representing one party and myself the other, co-defendant when I was doing a lot of criminal law practice. He was as Judge Phillips observed, one of the best cross examiners in the criminal defense bar. He had a great knack of doing great voir dire on juries. Always knowing who he needed to excuse and who to keep. He had such great control in court to keep his eye on what was needed to be done and he was fearless if he had to challenge a sitting judge.

Lewis certainly captured who Richard was. Thanks scoop!

— Micheal McClure, La Quinta, California

We can use mobile units to vaccinate ag workers

Since ag workers here provide more than two-thirds of fruit and more than one-third of vegetables for the country, we should elevate them to essential worker status and consider using mobile units to vaccinate them at once. If successful, make mobile units another option to deliver the vaccine.

— Ken Kroopf, Monterey

Vaccine cartoon brightens up a reader’s morning

Your Cartoonist’s Take on Jan. 27, 2021, depicting the maze for vaccine sign up brightened my soggy morning! With all due and most heartfelt respect to care providers, trying to even discover how to get a vaccination at age 81 has become a new and most frustrating hobby. To see it graphically displayed helps! Perhaps if all those websites were better prepared for the onslaught of elders, it would make everyone’s life easier.

— Stephanie Booth, Seaside

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