Letters to the Editor: Jan. 20, 2021

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MLK Day deserved more coverage

I was disheartened at the lack of coverage about Martin Luther King’s legacy in Monday’s paper with only an entry in “Today in History.”  Saturday’s paper contained only a 2008 editorial from an L.A. paper.  Sunday’s was even more troubling with a “Cartoonist’s take” of an MLK quote.

With its timing, one might assume the cartoon is referring to the capitol insurrection and a disavowal of the insurrectionists’ use of violence.    But Dr. King’s quote is actually about the civil rights struggle and its use here should be interpreted as a chastisement against the outlying violence that occurred during a minority of Black Lives Matter protests this summer.   This editorial decision to run this cartoon now appears to be a dog whistle that perpetuates a false equivalency between the BLM struggle and the insurrection.

These kinds of editorial decisions are in keeping with a more conservative bent in the Herald’s coverage.

Is the Herald so out of touch with our national anguish that they have failed to seize these historical moments to report and stand up for what is right and fair in America?  We expect our news sources to be more inclusive and fair and just in their reporting.

— David K. Jones, Monterey

Celebrating treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons

In these grim times, here is a major spark of hope. On Oct. 24, 2020, the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, the UN Treaty on
the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was ratified by the 50th nation. On Friday, the treaty enters into force. It will be binding for the 50+ ratifying countries, prohibiting all development, production, testing, transferring, stockpiling, using or threatening to use nuclear weapons.

On Friday from 3-4:30 p.m., members of the Women’s
International League for Peace and Freedom (Monterey County Branch), Veterans for Peace #46, and the Peace Coalition of Monterey County will be at Window on the Bay, with the announcement of this giant step toward sanity and peace. If you walk, bike, or drive by and see our message, we hope you will wave, honk or stop by to chat about this historical event.

— Lynn Hamilton, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Monterey County Branch

Freedom of speech

We are, as Americans,  guaranteed the right of free speech regardless of whom it may offend. The right of one’s opinion, no matter what the issue, is a right that cannot and must not be eliminated from social intercourse in this country. I may disagree with every word uttered by Biden and Harris, but I would fight to protect their right to state their opinions, irrespective of how stupid and foolish I believe them to be. Common sense be damned!

The assault by big tech and the leftist media on the conservative voices in this country must be stopped immediately. It does not matter what conservatives’ views and opinions are, they must be allowed to state their opinion, but, unfortunately,  the media will simply continue to ignore the voices of the right. Their positions are of dismissal, denial and censorship, whichever fits their agenda.

The overriding issue is one of paramount concern. Now big tech and the media are shutting down conservative voices and there is no one to defend them. What happens when they come after you, there will no one there to oppose them and to protect you.

— Raymond Souza, Salinas 

My suggestion for efficient vaccine administration:  All state bureaucrats, including those at the state and local levels including the county health officer, receive their vaccine only after the timely delivery to all the other state residents who wish to receive it.

— David Spilker, Pebble Beach

The pox of Measure X

A litany of Measure X benefits promote (next to the potential use of nuclear weapons), the single most destructive creation of the Anthropocene era-the automobile. This steed we bear, including myself and Mr. Alejo, with its chemical, gaseous, and particulate pollution extinguishes life in water sea and air and ultimately also civilization. One may look at the chaos in the Middle East to see the effects of people being driven off the land by climate change. To all whom are responsible for transportation policy: the most efficient, ecological means to commercially transport anything is electric light rail. The right
of way is there and this was brought up years ago but through complacency, expedience or ignorance we are choosing the wrong path; we have the means to connect the population centers and corners of Monterey County and Santa Cruz in a manner that sustains life.

— Mark Eckles, Pacific Grove

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