Letters to the Editor: Feb. 5, 2021

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Surcharges help utilities maximize their profits

In a recent letter to the editor, Dennis Allion does not see that most of the surcharges on his bill go to Cal Am. About six months ago, many of us across the state attended a virtual California Public Utilities Commission hearing to support a commissioner’s proposal to end the so-called Water Rate Adjustment Mechanism Surcharges as they were no longer necessary and, as pointed out by the independent Ratepayer Advocates Division of the CPUC, were being used by private utilities to overbill ratepayers and make windfall profits.

In addition to Water Rate Adjustment Mechanism Surcharges, we are paying for several other surcharges to Cal Am such as poor infrastructure care and for conserving water that we never used. Unfortunately, even though the commissioner’s proposal was approved, it will take many years for Water Rate Adjustment Mechanism Surcharges to end.

Our local water boards have done a stellar job to help us solve our water shortage. Cal Am’s stewardship and ratepayer justice record here and in other areas is egregious. We must not forget also the constant rate increases that Cal Am is requesting for us to pay so they can maximize profits and cover constant lawsuits and other unnecessary expenses that they have initiated.

— Walt Notley, Carmel

Vaccination process an efficient operation

I would like to echo Ms. Morgan’s experience getting her COVID-19 vaccination. My wife and I got our first vaccination at SVMC PrimeCare in Salinas on Wednesday. It too was an efficient operation. Even with 20 minutes of rest to see If we had any after effects, we were in and out in one hour. What really impressed me was in all the medical personnel running the clinic (about 20), I did not see one person over 35 handling the operation. Great job young people! This country is in good hands.

— Joe Zoccali, Salinas

Democratic Trojan horse moves farther to the left

So now the White House is asking reporters for their press questions in advance? Anyone see a problem with all of this? Sounds like the Democrats can’t trust what Joe Biden will say. Sadly, not sure we can trust what Joe Biden will do either. Fifty plus executive orders in less than one month of his presidency. Hold on tight, folks. The left is pushing the Trojan horse farther and farther to the left.

— Patricia Nervino, Carmel Valley

We are all Americans and must uphold our laws

Once more I feel I need to challenge the words of Mr. Burleson of Seaside. The liberals are not picking on the Pacific Grove policeman, who was released from service because of his political views. He was let go because he represents the city, state and the USA in his public position. He is supposed go be a role model for young and old alike, for liberals and conservatives alike. When one is in a position that puts him/her in the public eye for 8-10 hours a day, one MUST be politically neutral.

As for liberals hating the police … well I know a number of conservatives who also hate the police … that takes care of that argument. I too live in Seaside, gosh, we might be neighbors … perish the thought. I have on many occasions since 1986, praised our police department for their courage, intelligence and their compassion.

As for the issue of “Black Lives Matters,” we certainly know that ALL life matters, but, how many white conservatives were lynched in the 19th and 20th centuries? How many white workers were denied jobs, education and medical care because they were white?

If the lesson of Cain and Abel means anything to us at all, it is the message that, “I AM my brothers’ keeper.” If archeologists are right, and mankind arose in Africa, spread to Asia, the Middle east and then to Europe, then we are indeed brothers.

So whether we are for the blue, the red, or independent, we are all AMERICANS, and by virtue of our citizenship, we must, “Uphold and defend …” our country’s laws. If we don’t like a law, we have constitutional means of changing it. This is our country, the safest and best in the world … let us cherish it and all of its inhabitants.

— Lester A Tockerman, Seaside

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