Letters to the Editor: Feb. 4, 2021

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CHOMP does it right

After a couple of weeks of frustration, anger and strong emotions dealing with the Monterey County Health Department,  a caring neighbor finally directed me to CHOMP’S website and I’ve just received my first vaccination against COVID-19.

I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the staff at the hospital who organized this operation.  I’ve never seen anything on such a massive scale organized so smoothly and effectively.  Every element of the procedure was quick and efficient and we were guided to the necessary “posts” by warm and smiling helpers. They even gave us a protein bar to munch on the way home after we first rested comfortably in a spacious lounge to detect any adverse effects from the shot.

We’ve all heard the expression, “It takes a village.”  In this case, it took a chunk of an incredible hospital. We are indeed blessed to have a facility like CHOMP in our own lovely environment.

Thank you and blessings to everyone involved in this particular gift to our community.

— Olivia Morgan, Monterey

Fixing the lagoon

There is one solution to the flooding of the Carmel Lagoon that I have not heard or read mentioned, that is, the knocking down of the levee on the south side of the river that would allow the water to spread out onto the natural wetlands that used to be the Odell artichoke fields. Part of that land is now the wonderful Palo Corona Regional Park which would benefit, it seems to me, from returning that area to its natural state. We need more wetlands.

— David Ligare, Carmel Valley

What’s wrong with mail-in ballots?

Why are Donald Trump and Republicans so dead set against mail-in election ballots? Nearly half the voters in the last election used absentee or other mail-in ballots, and years of experience have proven mail-in ballots safe, reliable, easy and popular. The answer: Mail-in ballots reduce the Republican’s ability to cheat, that is, continue their gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts. Already this year, state legislators in 28 states have filed 106 bills restricting the ability to register and vote — and the overwhelming majority have come from Republicans. Now you know.

— Arlen Grossman,  Del Rey Oaks

Bridge the gap

The Army Corps of Engineers knows how to build truss or prestressed bridge structures for military traffic loads, so why not install a truss or presstressed concrete span over the Highway 1 chasm?   I predict that two formed reinforced foundation end supports could be poured and cured in as little as 20 days.  By then, the bridge span or spans could be ready to be delivered by truck and craned into place.  It’s not rocket science!   The chasm likely had a culvert that clogged with debris, creating a dam across the stream. The erosive stream quickly overflowed the roadway and tore through the culvert causeway.  CalTrans should not install another culvert and causeway but install a bridge, which would still be a safe, permanent structure–without danger of being washed out — ever.   Anyone belong to or know folks in the Corps of Engineers Command?

— Gerald Lance Johannsen, Carlsbad

Better pay attention

Folks, are you paying attention to what the new Presidential Administration is doing? If you aren’t, you should, and you should be worried. Really worried. If you are paying attention, you too should be worried. Really worried.

— Patricia Nervino, Carmel Valley 

The Olympic Dream

Having been closely involved as chief interpreter of most Olympic Games in the past 35 years, the following two thoughts have come to my mind with respect to allowing transgender athletes to participate in women’s sports competitions:

1. The dream of every athlete is to, one day, participate in the Olympics. The impossibility to do so is hidden from the transgender people, as the IOC has very strict gender tests in place, which most transgenders would not pass, even though they may have qualified on the basis of their results in competitions with females. This is an injustice far greater than not allowing them to participate in women’s sports at all.

2. Allowing transgender males to participate in women’s competitions puts women at a disadvantage and may well increase the temptation for some of resorting to doping to achieve an equal number of chances to win medals.

So, in summary, politicians, by wanting to assure “justice” for transgender people, have, in fact, created unintended consequences and injustices for both women and transgender athletes.

— Bill Weber, Carmel Valley

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