Letters to the Editor: Feb. 17, 2021

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The Republican senators from the Land of Oz

Yes, Dorothy, most of those Republican impeachment senators are from the Land of Oz. There’s the Tin Man group, without a heart, the Scarecrow faction, lacking brains, and the predominant Lion group, totally lacking in courage. Auntie Em and Toto would be sorely disappointed. To mix analogies, this group, despite experiencing the insurrection first-hand, was woefully unable to see any evil, or hear any evil, but they were certainly able to speak evil when they said “Not Guilty.”

— Glenn Nolte, Carmel Valley

Will the US send the Statue of Liberty back to France?

With conservatives increasingly banned from social media, talk of truth commissions and re-education camps and with cancel culture eliminating “incorrect thought” from the national dialogue, even French President Macron has expressed concern about “woke” impact threatening freedom in the U.S.

Perhaps America has reached the point where the Statue of Liberty should be returned to France.

— Doug Gamble, Carmel

Responding to letter from Chris Cook of Cal Am

Chris Cook of Cal Am in his recent letter to customers is not giving them the complete story on water. For example, Cal Am’s desalination proposal would cost at least three times more than the currently running state-of-the-art recycled water that with its expansion would produce enough water for two or more decades and lift the area moratorium on new water connections. The California Coastal Commission staff has opposed the Coastal Development Permit for Cal Am’s desalination proposal because of environmental impacts and that our most expensive water rates in the nation will more than double if their desalination plant is completed and operated. Nor does he mention that Cal Am has no water rights to the proposed desalination site and that their completed and operating plant would certainly introduce saltwater intrusion into Marina’s sole potable water supply. Cal Am has cost the city of Marina dearly in extensive legal fees. I end with two questions for area residents to ponder: Why are desalination plants around the world operating at an average of $1,500 cost acre feet per year when Cal Am’s proposed desalination plant would cost at least $6000 acre feet per year? Why won’t Cal Am sign a water purchase agreement to deliver the expanded recycled water?

— Walt Notley, Carmel

Other events Pelosi can review with commission

I am not surprised that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants another 9/11-type review of the mob riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6, even after the formal Senate acquittal vote of former President Trump. The regular procedure is just NOT good enough! Just like the regular national voting outcome was not good enough for our former president and some of his supporters. Seems nobody wants to play by the rules anymore. While will they are at it, why doesn’t the “independent commission” explore a few other riots and insurgencies? Here’s a few. 1. Democrats stormed the U.S. Supreme Court during the Kavanaugh hearings. 2. In 2018, Democrats seized and occupied a whole neighborhood on Capitol Hill in Seattle. 3. A crazed mob physically attacked Rand Paul screaming, “No justice. No Peace.” 4. BLM mob blocked an interstate highway, killing several police. Remember when thousands of Democrats surged into the Wisconsin Capitol Building and occupied it for two weeks? Let the new “special commission” investigate incidents of mob violence without moralizing which group had “just cause.” None of them did.

— Carol Marquart, Pacific Grove

Mitch McConnell’s connection to Trump

For those of you still wondering why Mitch McConnell can call out Trump’s perfidy and then whine “not guilty,” just do a biographical search on Mitch’s wife, Elaine Chao. You know, Trump’s secretary of transportation born in China and sister to the CEO of the Foremost Group, one of China’s largest shipping corporations. Mitch’s wife, secretary of transportation, Chinese shipping magnate heir ( mic drop).

— Sky Crane, Carmel Valley

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