Letters to the Editor: Feb. 13, 2021

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Dancing to the rhythm of God

I was saddened by the news that Pastor Wayne Adams has passed away.

Anyone who knew or heard of Pastor Adams would know that he was our community spiritual leader and a great friend.   My fondest memory of Pastor Adams was his voice. When he spoke you could not help but feel the emotions of his inner voice that accompanied his message that always gave me hope and faith that tomorrow will be a better day.

Often Pastor Adams would check in on me to see how we were doing with our businesses and said that he was praying for me, my family and my employees and that he came across a great quote he wanted to share with me:

“When you hurt with hurting people, you are dancing to the rhythm of God.” He went on to say “I pray you will be filled with great joy as you dance to the rhythm of God today!”

Today Pastor Adams I know you are “dancing to the rhythm of God.”

— Chris Shake, Monterey 

Trash at the wharf

My friend and I have been walking to the wharf in the mornings with our coffee. We have noticed after a busy weekend trash is spilling out of the overfilled garbage cans all over the piers. The seagulls get into the trash at night and make a mess, causing a lot of the trash and plastic to fall into the ocean. I often see trash and plastic floating on the water off the pier.

If the trash isn’t cleaned out at night, it will sit there all night for the seagulls to get into it and end up in the bay.

Is there any way that the wharf or city can prevent this from happening? I also feel that plastic should not be allowed on the wharf. Some of it ends up in the bay.

— Steven MacDonald, Pacific Grove

Vaccinate teachers

Our teachers are among the most essential workers in our society.  They are educating the next generation. There is evidence that more than a quarter of ninth graders are failing (or are absent from) their online schooling.  Even in “normal” times, online education has a greater dropout, or failure rate, than in-person education.  Teachers in their classrooms can engage students as a group and can respond to individuals’ needs. They can get students out of their seats, and include activities, promoting sharing and group learning. All of this is difficult if not impossible with online learning. Teachers need to be a priority for vaccinations.  Make this a state-level policy.  California, once a model of high-quality education, must get teachers (and too many lost students) back into the classrooms.  Let’s give teachers immediate access to vaccinations, and get our youth back in school.

— Susan C Morse, Carmel

In support of ATC project

As a Pacific Grove homeowner and parent of children in the Pacific Grove Unified School District, I’m extremely excited for the prospect of the ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project. I’ve had a chance to thoroughly review the city of Pacific Grove’s EIR and the project plans and I am very impressed with its environmental protections and the lengths taken to create a truly sustainably built and operated property. As a parent, however, I am most excited that the project will be providing to our schools and our community. The school district will receive an increase of approximately $250,000 a year in property tax revenue which during this pandemic is sorely needed. Additionally, this project will provide modern event and meeting space for our city’s residents, non-profits and schools. Wouldn’t it be great for PG Pride’s events or the PG High prom to actually be held in Pacific Grove? I think so and that is why I support this project.

— Paul Black, Pacific Grove

Approved conduct

This is an inescapable truth:  Anyone who says that Trump is not guilty of the charges in the second impeachment believes that beating people to death just to please the cult leader is approved conduct.

That statement would make an effective billboard against Republicans when they run for election in two years.

— Bill Burleigh, Big Sur

An (un)reasonable assumption

OK, the Republicans have convinced me.  President Trump had absolutely no idea that the Jan. 6 rally would lead to violence.  Instead, he envisioned a large gathering of concerned citizens, singing patriotic songs led by the Proud Boys Acappella, whose peaceful and harmonious message from out on the street would permeate all the way into the Senate chambers, and be so inspirational that the senators would be carried away in a state of rhapsodic reverie, ignore the certification process, and simply declare Trump president for life.  Who could possibly believe otherwise?

— Glenn Nolte, Carmel Valley

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