Juan Toscano-Anderson, Steph Curry call out Bleacher Report, ESPN on Twitter

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Juan Toscano-Anderson and Steph Curry took to Twitter last night to call out high-follower Twitter accounts Bleacher Report and ESPN for calling Toscano-Anderson “Steph’s teammate.”

Toscano-Anderson was doing his best Andre Iguodala impression in the Warriors’ win over the Orlando Magic Thursday night. Like the former Warrior fan favorite, Toscano-Anderson started celebrating Steph Curry’s made three-pointers before they drain.

This early celebration came in the fourth quarter when Toscano-Anderson found Curry cross-court for an open three pointer. Toscano-Anderson, an Oakland native who grew up a huge Warriors fan, threw up three fingers enthusiastically to celebrate the made three before Curry even released the ball.

Twitter accounts of major sports outlets picked it up and tweeted the clip. Bleacher Report tweeted: “Steph’s teammate knew it was cash before he even passed it.”

ESPN failed to mention Toscano Anderson’s name, too: “Steph’s teammate celebrating before the shot even went up”

Toscano-Anderson replied to the tweets after the game.

“Hi, I’m Steph’s teammate, my name’s Juan.”

Curry tweeted in support: “Talk to emmmmmmm Juan T!”

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