Jeremy Lin will reportedly join the Warriors’ G League team, after all

The deal to bring Jeremy Lin to the Warriors organization looks to be back on.

Lin is expected to join Golden State’s G League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors, via a contract with the league itself, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

The former Palo Alto High player started his NBA career with the Warriors in 2010-11 before a star turn with the New York Knicks the following season. He then bounced around the league after signing a large contract with the Houston Rockets and was eventually relegated to a bench role with the 2019 NBA champion Toronto Raptors.

Lin played last season in China for the Beijing Ducks, which complicated his effort to return to the Warriors last month. The transaction required clearance from FIBA, but that did not come through in time for the Warriors to officially bring Lin into the fold.

Last week, reports surfaced that the NBA and G League were considering creating a way for players to sign with the minor league itself and be assigned to a specific team. Some discussing the proposed rule change even termed it the “Jeremy Lin rule,” according to Marc Stein of the New York Times.

Now Lin, 32, is poised to be one of the first players to join the G League through this new exception.

The G League expects to conduct some version of a season inside a bubble, reportedly beginning in February at Walt Disney World, the same location where the NBA finished its season and played its playoffs last season amid the raging coronavirus pandemic.

Lin’s path to the Warriors’ NBA roster still would be an uphill climb. He’s not eligible for a two-way contract, so Golden State would have to release a player in order for him to join the main roster.

What may be a more likely path is using the G League as a chance to sign with another team or as a path to a shot to join the Warriors’ NBA roster in the 2021-22 season.

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