Former Warriors player holds one-man protest of Biden inauguration, claiming election fraud with no evidence

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President Joe Biden has broad support over Donald Trump among the NBA community, but not all league alumni are in Biden’s camp.

Former Warriors forward David Wood, who played with Golden State from 1994-96, staged a one-man protest of Biden’s inauguration in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. He did so citing widespread voter fraud, an accusation that has been made by some Trump supporters despite no evidence to support the claim.

Wood, 58, spoke to reporters, including a Yahoo News crew, during his protest and said he was also at the Trump rally Jan. 6 that led to a deadly riot as supporters of the 45th president broke into the U.S. Capitol Building where legislators were certifying the results of the November election.

He claimed that the media had misrepresented the protest, arguing that it was peaceful. But five deaths — including that of a Capitol Police officer — have been tied to the riot.

“I couldn’t believe the spin on that. The Trump rally was amazingly peaceful,” Wood said.

Congress is still hearing evidence on Trump’s impeachment over inciting the riot.

Wood also theorized that Biden would be arrested or resign over voter fraud, which — again — is an accusation that voices on the far right have made without any basis in evidence.

In Wood’s mind, that would somehow mean Trump would return to the presidency, rather than Vice President Kamala Harris taking the Oval Office.

Wood carried a flag from the Revolutionary War which read “An appeal to heaven” and wore a shirt that he described as “Jesus hugging the American flag.” He also played a traditional Jewish horn, the shofar.

While he parroted a couple conspiracy theories, he did not commit to belief in QAnon, a set of baseless theories that Trump was waging a secret war against Satanic pedophiles among the American elite class. Like Wood, many followers of that conspiracy theory believed Trump would remain in power, so they were dealt another blow Wednesday by Biden’s inauguration.

Wood played with nine NBA teams in his 10-season career and twice left to play in Spain. When his NBA career finished, he again went to Europe to play basketball.

Thirteen of his 31 career starts came with the Warriors, all in the 1994-95 season. In total, he played 99 games in a Golden State uniform, averaging 4.5 points and 2.6 rebounds.

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