Coronavirus: California posts school reopening status maps

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State officials Friday posted maps online revealing the reopening status of public, charter and private schools, showing those offering at least some in-person instruction are concentrated in the northern and eastern parts of the state and in wealthier pockets of urban areas.

The state website also includes information on public charter and private schools, based on a Jan. 14 directive that all schools statewide report their reopening status every two Mondays starting Jan. 25.

“As COVID-19 conditions continue to improve and vaccinations ramp up throughout the state, this map will provide local communities with accessible, up-to-date information on how districts in their communities and beyond are adapting to the pandemic, including safety planning and implementation,” said Gov. Newsom in a prepared statement. “This map is one of many resources we have made available that will help school staff and families make informed decisions as we safely reopen our schools.”

Newsom’s office said the maps will show not just reopening status but safety planning and COVID-19 “supports.”

“Local communities and school staff will be able to leverage this tool when evaluating their reopening plans. The Safe Schools Reopening Map will help clarify the planning and implementation of safe reopening,” the governor’s office said.

The California Department of Public Health will be adding other key data to the map, including outbreaks reported in each school district and whether the school has partnered with the Valencia Branch Lab for COVID-19 testing.

Public schools:

Charter schools:

Private schools:

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