Charles Barkley: Draymond doesn’t have standing to speak against NBA teams

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Most NBA players and former players seemed to appreciate Draymond Green for speaking out against the double standard he says exists between teams and players when it comes to trades.

Then there’s Charles Barkley, who said he’d appreciate it if Green would just keep quiet.

Barkley, the TNT analyst and Hall of Famer, took exception to Green’s unprompted attack Monday on how NBA teams are allowed to sit players while attempting to trade them, yet players are vilified for requesting to be traded.

“I think Draymond has to really be careful,” Barkley said on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.” “All that stuff is cute when you’re winning. But when you’re in last place, it’s annoying.

“I think Draymond’s got to start learning you can say what you want to when you’re the champs and you’re in first place. But when you’re in last place, you become the guy who becomes annoying.”

Barkley also took exception after Simmons pointed out the outspoken Green is really just doing what Barkley did 30 years ago.

“Well, I think there’s a difference. He’s on a really good team. I was a great player,” said Barkley, who insists he gets along with Green and likes him as a person. “There’s a double standard on that. When you’re a great player, you can do and say what you want to do. When you’re on a good team, you can do and say what you want to. When you’re in last place, you have to stand down. He hasn’t learned that yet.”

While apparently referring to the Warriors currently occupying the eighth and final playoff spot in the 15-team Western Conference, Barkley went on to defend NBA teams’ right to do what they feel is best in order to protect their talent. Unlike Green, Barkley believes the Cavaliers are doing the right thing by not playing a healthy Andre Drummond while they pursue a trade.

“They’re trying to protect their asset and they’re gonna trade him. They’re doing what’s best for them,” said Barkley. “If (Drummond) gets hurt, you don’t want a guy making $30 million a year on your cap for the next two years.”

Green, meanwhile, contrasted the Cavaliers’ sitting out Drummond without being criticized while James Harden “was castrated for wanting to go to a different team” when he wanted to be traded from Houston.

The dichotomy exists because players allow it to continue to happen, Green said. In that respect, Green has an ally in another retired NBA great who’s a TNT analyst.

“I definitely agree that it’s a double standard when it comes to ownership or organizations and players,” Dwyane Wade said on TNT Tuesday night. “I know a lot of people out there are (like), ‘Oh you guys are getting paid a lot of money, it doesn’t matter.’ But it does, because a lot of players in our league have families.

“Some players are told sometimes, ‘Hey, you’re not getting traded.’ Then they get traded. Some players have to find out by the media. I’ve heard stories of players finding out been at a gas station, somebody walked up to them and said, ‘Hey man, you just got traded to such and such.’”

As Wade sees it, the biggest problem in these situations is that teams and players don’t reach out to each other.

“What it boils down to me is, it’s no communication and it’s no respect,” Wade said. “The organizations are not looking at these players and just having respect for them for who they are as men, for who they are as players … Just have the simple conversation with a player.”

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